Hi there,

My problem is pretty much the same as PclubBbanger but its not as complex.

I don't want the computers to share files, I don't want the computers to share printers or talk to eachother. I would simply like both of them to be on the internet at the same time.

Basically, I can't get this Networking thing to work and I'm on the boarder of throwing both PC and laptop out of the window!!!


Broadband modem is hooked up to Linksys Wireless-G Router
PC has Linksys Speedbooster Adapter
Laptop has CISCO Systems Card Adaptor
Both PC & Latop have Windows XP

PC can connect to the internet with Linksys router
Laptop, when hooked up to the card can't seem to find it and is always finding Default

I've tried Veiwing Available Networks but the laptop won't connect to the network.

When I originally installed the network, I made it secure - is this the problem.

Please can someone help or the PC & Latop are definately going to get it!

Back again. I thought that I may not have gone into much detail in earlier post. So here we go:-

I bought a laptop from Ebay which came with a CISCO SYSTEMS (CISCO AIRONET 350 series - Wireless Lan Adapter). At the same time for my PC I bought a LINKSYS Wireless-G Router 2.4 with LINKSYS UBS Newtork Adapter (both have Speedbooster too).

Originally, I couldn't get the CISCO LAN Adapter Card to work in my laptop. So I installed the LINKSYS Wireless adapter on the laptop, which worked. Then I managed to get the CISCO LAN Adapter Card to work (I have no idea how), so I then removed the LINKSYS Wireless adapter from my laptop and re-installed it into the PC. Everything seemed to be working.

After approximately 2 weeks, the PC got a virus and I then realised that neither laptop or PC had a genuine copy of Windows XP, so I installed a genuine copy.

Since then I can now only access the LINKSYS Router via the LINKSYS adapter.

My laptop is recognising that I have a CISCO Lan Card, but it keeps either finding 'Default' or 'Wireless Conection Unavailable'.

I have tried setting up Networks through the Network Wizard but I'm not sure how this works. And if I try and View Wireless Networks through my CISCO Lan Card I get a grey screen and no networks.

Any suggestions.