I have a small Windows 2000 AD network. All computers are connected to a HP Switch using the to range. I also have a Windows 2003 data server edition, used to store most of the data. The windows 2000 server host the AD, DNS, DHCP, License server and Distributed file services. The drives on the Windows 2000 server and Windows 2003 servers are mapped to through the same DFS root. Internet is though TWC business class, which host our web, internet DNS and email. All workstations are Windows 2000 or Windows XP professional.

My problem is some work stations will lockup for 30 seconds then work normally until the next lockup. The XP boxes appear to be the worst. The same workstation can function OK for a week or two then have a spat of lock-ups. Task Manager and performance monitor on the servers and workstations only show spikes in memory, processor, disk, and network.

Does any one have some steps to try on the workstations. It almost looks like it is timing out on a resource.

PS, One user on a XP box copied a drawing to the C: drive and disconnected the network cable, which allowed him to work without lockups.

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