My ISP provided the following static block ip addresses:

224-Reserved Network
238-Reserved Gateway
239-Reserved Broadcast
Subnet mask: /28.

A primary and secondary DNS address was also provided.

Is it necessary to run my own DNS server? My goal is to setup a web, ftp and mail server. Without involving a DNS server could I just assign the static ip addresses to those servers? Does my router (Linksys-WRT54G) have to be configured or remain dynamic? As for do I notify the domain register of the DNS addresses?

Much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I decided to just omit the DNS server. Too much hassle and I really don't think I need it if the ISP already provided DNS addresses. I will just assign the static ip addresses to the servers and see how that works.

I would suggest you setup dns for the mail to work. You can setup the dns name in iis or leave it alone if you are using 1 url. For the mail once the mail packet gets to the firewall you will need internal dns to tell it where to go. What mail software are you running. You will need to tell your isp to setup reverse dns too or comcast and aol will bounce back.

Thanks for the suggestion. I need the mail server so I will keep the DNS server. As for mail I am using Postfix.

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