i've had problems with my broadband connection since moving into my new house at the start of the year. I could write an essay on this but will try to keep it brief:

ISP is Plusnet

Connection speed at best of times is very slow - 0.5mbps. I live in the country and seems to be the avg speed in the area.

Main problem is intermittent connection. Can happen any time of day and the only way to fix is to turn router off and on.

Contacted ISP on several occasions who have run tests and state that its not their problem but probably internal wiring, router, microfilter, wireless card etc.

Have fitted iplate, make no use of extension wiring, replaced router and microfilters. The only thing i havent replaced is my laptop or wireless card. The same problems happen with visitors laptops so leads me to think my laptop isnt the problem. I went through all the checks that the ISP provided but still no joy.

I was hoping to get some advice here before trying a last attempt with Dell support to see if they can help.

Does the info above give any clues to what the problem is and how it can be fixed?



How did you get to the .5mbps speed? Did you make a speed test or did your ISP gave you that info? I suggest you do a speed test with a few of the sites that provide this service. Just google speedtest and you'll get a list. After that try changing the DNS servers on your router to something like OpenDNS servers. DNS1, DNS2 and do a repair on your Network Adapters...


I have run some speedchecks in the past like you mention and they all come back 0.5mbps or close. its terrible around here.... tried changing servers and repaired adaptors but still happening. could it be the wireless card? seems to be the only thing i havent checked..or any other ideas?



Try resetting Winsock and TCP/IP. There are many tools for this on the web. Search for Winsock Reset on Google. See if that helps.

I know this thread is older but you may be still having problems. First of all is your ISP dsl or cable based? Second are you running tests from both the wireless and the wired? Since you didn't post any test results can you do me a favor and goto this Broadband Speed Test site. Once there click on BROADBAND TOOLS and then TCP QUALITY TEST. Run the test and when finished it will bring you to the ADVANCED STATISTICS page and in the lower left hand corner is a VIEW TEXT link. Please copy and paste your results from both wired and wireless connection in this thread. Thanks.