And I'm gonna tell you how I'm setup! Modem to Router, Router to Computer, Router to Laptop, the workgroup name is MSHOME, I cannot see anything right now because it says "Limited or No Activity" however, I have gotten it to half-work before, on my computer I could see both computers, while my laptop could only see it's own, please help!

Well, as I try to fix it, I lose access to internet with my computer, I'm not sure why either, I still have access here...so it's nothing to do with the router, maybe with how I setup the Local Area Connection?

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Can you ping the other computers? You might also want DNS enabled, although this won't fix the problem.


Ehhh...they both are using the same IP as they are both connected to the same router, both has internet, and when I was able to see the laptop, and I tried to open it, it would say that I didn't have the correct rights! And I am using ZoneAlarm FREE so I think that might have something to do with it, 'cause when I did see hers, it said the firewall had blocked. And right now I'm on a different PC so I don't know my IP, oh wow, I just typed all that like I was possesed :S


they both are using the same IP as they are both connected to the same router

If 2 computers have the same IP address, there's no way it's going to work! Did you type in "ipconfig" in the MS-DOS prompt of both computers, and see what came up? Post that here.

Oh and you should also try (temporarily) disabling the firewall.

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