We have a Windows 2003 server running VPN. No RADIUS is installed. We have the vpn connection working fine, with full access to all servers and printers. However, we have no Internet from the clients. Currently the box for use the clients default route is checked. When we remove that check we are unable to access the servers on our network, but the Internet works fine. We have been trying different routes, both on the server and on the clients, but to no avail.

If anyone has any ideas, thanks in advance.


How is your network connected to the internet?

Have you set up DNS and DHCP, and a Domain on your server, I assume you have if your network is working fine, or is it just on a workgroup. Have you set up a default gateway on each client.

Are the clients in the same location as the Server, else wouldn't you need to have a internet connection anyway, or is it a problem with encryption.

I haven't worked on a vpn before, but I've set up a Server 2003 network a couple of times, so perhaps I can be of some help