I've recieved my broadband package. BTYahoo. Included is an AV and NAT in the router.

The Welcome Pack says I need additional AV for comprehensive protection, but consistent independent advice, as well as BTYahoo's own website, contradicts this by stating 2 different AV's will conflict. Neither the Welcome Pack or the Website states if the AV in the router is optional or un-installable (I haven't installed a thing yet - waiting for line activation).

Likewise, regarding the firewall the Welcome Pack states that the router uses Network Address Translation that will protect my computer from intrusion by hackers so I do not need to install additional firewall software. But it also states that 'advanced users' can enable the hardware firewall(?) on the router and 'alternatively' I may wish to install additional firewall software.
The website, on the other hand, states that I should not have 2 firewalls running (which makes sense) and also implies that the firewall is an optional download.

I have tried the 'free live online support' but - yes, you guessed it - they haven't come back to me.
Is there anyone who can tell me, (in lay-girl's terms!), if BTYahoo's firewall and AV are optional, and if they are and I disable them will my own firewall and AV protect me ?
(This is my first experience with broadband and routers. I'm running XP Home)

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Software firewalls installed on the PC are really for people who don't have hardware firewalls. I would never use one if I could avoid it. They are much more intrusive, ineffective at times and cause a lot of legitmate software to not work properly. On the other hand, antivirus software should be run on the PC because there are other ways for a virus to get onto your machine than through the Internet. I don't know what kind of router you have, but on the ones I have seen antivirus installation is optional. Hope it helps.

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