This may be an extremly stupid question but I have tried and tried. I am using one computer as a internet gateway, feeding into an ethernet hub and then going to other computers in my house. I am trying to replace this computer to upgrade it, but when I plug the new computer in and apply the settings from the previous 'server' none of the other Pc's on the network can connect to the net or the shared folder on the 'server'.

All the computers are running Windows XP pro.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated



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This will be a general networking problem you will need to check several things here.

First make sure it has a correct ip address check the firewall is off for testing if its the gateway you will need to enable ICS but that is not your problem for the moment.

Can you access the internet or other computer from you new gateway pc.


The IP address is the same as the other computer, so im assuming this is correct, and no firewall is running.

The gateway PC can access the internet, but not other PC's.


Please specify number of LAN adapters and manner in wich the modem is connected to the server. Please post the IPs for all the PCs.


When you said the ip address are the same do you mean exactly the same or just the subnet. This could be the problem. Please post all ip information for all computer here.

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