Hi, I am having real trouble connecting my Laptop to the wireless network.

Here is the problem:

I have a PC set with with netgear router, all connected to the Internet fine. I can connect my mac to the wireless network by entering the WEP.

However, I have a Wireless Netgear Network card for a windows Laptop and i've completed all information correctly. The icon at the bottom shows that the laptop is connected wirelessley, but when I got into any Web Browser no pages will load up??

I have tried IP config/renew etc on the laptop, but it didn;t seem to do anything
Does anyone know how to solve this problem??


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some wireless access points (routers) require additional software to be installed before web browsing is permitted. Who is your ISP ? did the router ship with a driver cd which you installed on the mac but not the windows machine?

My ISP is Sky. I'm not sure if the router shipped with Additional software, I will check that.

I didn't install anything on the mac though, just typed in the WEp and it was ready to go.

are you using XPs built in wireless software or a 3rd party provider such as intel (or both)?

i've tried using the XP software and the Netgear Software provided with the wireless card.

did you find any additional software ? a cd or something?

can you connect to any of the other computers on the network?

Have you tried Pinging a website to see if it is a problem with you browser?

Comand line type: Ping www.google.com
and see if your get any returns.

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