Rather than pay the extra monthly rental to go wireless can I plug an access point into a Voyager 105 or will I have to but a wi-fi modem/router ?

BT list the Netgear WG602 in their on-line shop but don't say which modem/routers it will work with.

the Voyager 105 is just a MODEM.
It provides a LAN connection.
What you plug in to the LAN is up to you.

I assume you meant Buy when you said But and the answer is YES unless you already have one.

Here's the gotcha. That modem has a USB connection not a standard LAN connector, so whatever wireless router you get will need that or you'll have to buy a USB/LAN interface device as well.

Thanks Tom, you're dead right. I had overlooked the USB port and thought a standard ethernet interface was available to us.

Since my original post, I've installed an alternative wifi router which worked first time out of the box already protected. Glad to see things are getting better on the security front. There are still so many unprotected boxes out there with their users unaware of the consequences.