Hope someone can help. I am trying to set up a neatgear router wgr614 to my power bridge. I have run through the router setup with no success. I have intalled my user name and password in basic setup and left it as always on. The laptop wirless connect to router but will not browse internet at all even the test function while connected to router will not connect to any test web site. If i disconnect the router and plug direct to the ethernet port on laptop and use a pppoe dial up i configured in networks with my user name and password it does work good. pppoe does not seem to be reconised by router??? but saying this in basic setup the router informs me i have a pppoe connection. How do i set up this router to have a always connection via my wireless bridge or a maual connection using my username and password similar to when i am connecting bridge direct to ethernet on laptop. I have tried all kinds of installs with no success so iam hoping you can help.
Captain Proud

if you have another router or switch in front of that router you may want to disable dns server and the plug the cat 5 into one of the ports that is not wan so that the router becomes a switch / wirless access point

Hi Hitman,
No i have other router just a wireless power bridge that can connect straight to my ethernet in laptop or it shoud just plug into netgear router. If i connect wireless bridge to computer i have no problems on the internet my dial up will connect to pppoe and run my user name and password then connect. When bridge goes to router and a wireless connection to router has established i have internet connecdtion but cannot browse and web pages.

any idears would be appreciated