so i set up my linksys wrt54g2 router to my desktop and the internet modem, and through all that the internet works fine on the desktop. and the router itself has a network "mikonek" with a passkey and all, but when i connect my laptop to the network, it connects but only stays on local only internet connection. so its not connecting to the internet. i tryed to connect my laptop to the router via the "view computers and devices" task or whatever and it says connection failed. i configured it, but still it wont connect tot he router itself. i dont know what to do an di was asking for you guys' help on here. thank you.

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first you can Ping (free DNS from Google) if you can get reply in your lap the router configuration and your system is working perfectly ,if not check ip address on Your Lap , play as DHCP.Otherwise check the browser and look any Proxy configuration in Lap ,If remove it .

Go to router web interface

and Put the DNS

Try it

ahh...i've had this problem many times...reset the router...connect the router to your computer through the ethernet port...type in your adress bar...admin...make settings the way you want to...DO NOT USE THE INSTALLATION CD-ROM OR THIS WILL NOT WORK

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