Hey guys

My ISP is MOWISP ( www.mowisp.com) they use a wireless internet Transmitter which is picked up by a receiver that is mounted on top of my house. my internet has recently quit. my router is fine. the internet connection light on the router is displaying an amber light instead of the green connected light. the power went off last night after a storm. I was wondering if it was the ISP's fault or if the router just reset itself and needs to be set up.


The router wouldn't reset itself you must push and hold a reset button on the router to reset it.
Power off your router and your modem & PCwait 1 minute power up modem , wait another minute and power up router turn your PC on post back if still not working

it's ok i figured it out. i feel dumb. the ISP's transponder tower went out. thats why i wasn't getting Inet