I have problems with reverse lookup zone (i am new).

For exmaple my domain is test.com (my REAL domain name is registered in domain registration service -Network Infomation Centre - nic and in nic there is a ns resource record - - my dns server ip and server name ).

My dns server 53 udp port is working and visible to internet.

My active directory domain name is test.local

So, i have 2 zones....
-first zone
Forward lookup zone (stored in AD) - test.local
Reverse lookup zone 1.168.192.in-addr.arpa

In this local zone are stored all lan pc, and this zone is not
forwarded to any servers (zone transfer is disabled).

- Now my goal is to create second zone (on same dns) TEST.COM,
but this zone
must be forwarded to any dns servers outside company, because
in this zone i store resource records like: A-www, MX, A-ftp

For this zone TEST.COM i created reverse lookup zone with
appropriate real ip.

When i test reverse lookup zone (inside organization) for test.com with nslookup, i have normal answer - no error, nslookup can resolve test.com by ip address.

But from outside online services give me an error, that i have no reverse lookup zone for test.com

On reverse lookup zone (test.com) zone transfer is enabled to any servers).

Please , give some solution for newbie.


You need to contact your ISP and get them to setup your MX records for your email server and A records for your webserver. These will point to your public address. Then on your firewall you will have to forward all port 80 traffic to your webserver's internal address and forward all SMTP traffic to your email server's address. You cannot publish private LAN addresses to the internet DNS servers.