I have two computers sharing dial up (there is NO high speed available except satellite) using a wireless router.One computer is wired to the router, and the other is wireless.the wired one has the modem. they are both XP. And i know dial up is just plain slow, but what i want to know is why the wireless one is so much slower even if the wired one is doing nothing, and if the wired one is doing something it uses all the speed anyway and you can't notice the other computer. they are using ICS.
The problem is that they are not sharing the internet 50/50. One is taking it all.
Incase it helps the router is a dlink di-524 and the
wireless computer is getting the signal fine.
Also is it possible to fix this??

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If one computer was "taking it all" the other one wouldn't be able to connect at all. It's slow because it has to go through the computer, then through the router, and wirelessly to your computer. What do you expect? It's dial-up.


Ok. Thanks thenns I just didn't think that going through the computer, then through the router, and wirelessly to the other computer would slow it down because its getting 10mb and dialup up is only 56kb so i thougth it could handle it.

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