I have 2 computers that both run Vista and I have used the laptop in the past to access the desktop via RDC. This past weekend, from one outside location, I tried to connect as in the past but couldn't. The message from Vista said it couldn't connect. I checked all my firewall settings (including turning off the firewall within Trend Micro, and using Windows Firewall that is set to allow RDC).

Here's the wierd part. I can connect sucessfully from one wireless network (not mine, a neighbors) every time, but when I try to connect from another wireless network (a different neighbor) I cannot connect. I can repeat this every time.

Nothing has changed on my laptop or my desktop. I connect sucessfully from one external wireless but not from the other. How can this be?

Please tell me what I'm missing...

Thanks for any input,

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Do your neighbors both have the same ISP? Hop on to their network and go to www.whatismyip.com and do an nslookup on the IP it gives you and look at the hostname. They should both be .bellsouth.com or whoever provides service in your area.

It is possible one of the networks is setup with a VPN to his work thus is filtered through a corporate firewall, has egress filtering, or have different ISPs and one blocks RDC. I highly doubt any one of these scenarios is actually the case but I can't think of any other reason why this might be

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