I am running SBS 2003 on a Dell Power Edge sc440. I want to use the machine to promote music groups and needed a sound card. I installed XP on my second drive to accommodate the sound card. However, I can't get my network adapter to work from the XP drive. I've got a Broadcom BCM5701 which uses the same driver for Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003. It was listed with a ? under Other Devices in Device Manager after I installed XP. When I installed the driver I got the following error: The device can not start (Code 10). Any suggestions/advice would be welcome.

try getting a newer version for the driver. Why don't you just use windows server for whatever you use xp for?

I was unable to install a sound card under SBS 2003 so I loaded XP on the second drive to see if it was a hardware or operating system problem The sound card works under XP. It occurred to me that, at least at first, most of what I do will be standard Windows based apps and I'll be using the server apps less frequently. So running XP with music and SBS without music was a reasonable option. But not if I can't get a driver to install for my NIC card.

I did download the latest driver from Broadcom. The install program insisted on trying to install a driver that was loaded with XP and I am unable to select the folder with the drive I need. My device is showing up with the number 2 following it. Might it be trying to install a second (non-existent card)?

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why don't you manually install the driver?

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