HI , i''m trying to get to my computer over the internet and i can't do it .
I'm working with access remote pc 3.9 and i have a problem with my ip address
because my ip addess is and i can't get to this address over the internet , because there are routers on my way , so what do i have to do , to get over the routers?!?!?!

please , i need your help!?!?!?!?!!?

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a 192.168.x.x is what's called a private ip address and as such is not routeable over the internetwork. how are you connecting to the internet - dialup, dsl, cable modem...?

You need to set the Router to allow access to specified system, and setting the TCP/UDP Port appropriately for the connection software you are using. "Remote pc" I gather from you message!

Do you know how to access your router's administration pages (internal)??

goto www.whatismyip.com or look in your router for your public IP (WAN IP, Inernet IP....) and make sure that you forward the correct ports to the correct machine as well.

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