recently i bought a wireless network card so i can connect my notebook and desktop together P2P. I am able to get a connection but thats where it ends. Cant share files, cant ping, cant do anything with eachother..

Ive sure ive installed everything properly since my notebook and desktop are able to pick up each others signal.. however i am unable to ping each other or access each others drives even though file sharing has been enabled for full access but anyone..

I used static IP addressing cos i dont really need ICS on my notebook.

Desktop IP:
Notebook IP:

The WORKGROUP name is the same on both comps.

My firewall software has been turned off on my desktop and i havent installed anything on my notebook.

Now on my desktop Im able to see (but not access since i cant communicate) the notebook in network places but not vice versa.

When I try to ping each other i just get a request timeout.
ping Notebook 2 desktop = request timeout
ping desktop 2 notebook = request timeout

My notebook is running win XP Pro and my desktop is win 2000 Pro..

Ive tried uninstalling networking on my notebook but still not working..

But im pretty sure its a problem with my notebook and XP because networking doesnt even work on an ethernet LAN

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Just a thought, but do you have a Wireless Router? If you don't have a Wireless Router, then your Wirless card in your laptop has no way to connect to anything. The signal has to transmit to something. I don't see any mention of a wireless router in your post. Things don't connect without a connection point, i.e a wireless router, in this case, and your PC would have to be connected to the router via an ethernet cable for you to access anything, ping addresses, or anything else. Also, unless there is some need for you to have static addresses it's easier to just set TCP/IP to DHCP on your machines, and DHCP on your router to connect and do whatever you need to do.

Not true big max, you can setup two wireless cards to communicate w/o a AP. This is called ad-hoc a believe. and if yous et them up that way they should atleast get an APIPA address, try to ping that then, if not and your using 2k or newer then the issuse resides else were in the hardware of drivers.

Hey yeah, what about ah-hoc mode?

You're probably in infrastructure and don't know it. Poke around in the wireless utility.

hmmm sounds like a case I heard of once too many times you said you turned off your firewall is this correct. Now if he does have a wireless router then boom, I think when he said he turned off his firewall that was his personal firewall. What about the firewall that sits on XP Pro is that turned on? Try turning it off bro because that firewall doesn't let you ping either.

Make sure File & Print Sharing is on both boxes as well as that firewall built into WinXP Pro is turned off. Oh yeah make sure your sharing something for a test.

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