I am having a problem connecting to the internet from a computer that I am adding to my LAN.

Here are the details of what is happening:
I have a LAN and am accessing the internet through a wireless broadband connection. My network consists of three computers two running Win98 SE and one running Win XP Pro. I am using WinProxy 5.0 as a proxy server/firewall it is running on one of the Win 98 machines. On the proxy server machine I have a dual NIC setup one external (connection to the internet) and one internal (connection to the LAN). I have all the internal NICs configured with their own static non-routable IP address and have the network configured to use DNS. I am able to access the internet with all three of these machines.

My problem is this I am connecting a 4th machine running Win 98 SE to the network and have configured the network and IE (6.0) settings the same as the other working machines and I can not connect to the internet. From this machine I can access all the shared items on my network I can ping all the machines on the network and can also ping external sites such as my ISPs DNS servers and yahoo.com but I cant get out with a browser or MSN Messenger or AOL Instant Messenger. I have tried reinstalling Windows and I even bought and installed a new NIC in this machine but to no avail. I am fairly sure its not the WinProxy configuration as I am not having problems on the other machines.
Can anyone please help me solve this problem?

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can u ping domain names or just ip's?

I was able to ping yahoo.com.

what (protocol) bindings are on the 4th pc?
if you connect the 4th machine directly to the internet, bypassing the lan entirely, can the browser accesss www?
what firewall do you have, if any, besides the firewall settings for Proxy 5.0?

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