Hi, i've got a very bad intermittent broadband problem which is driving me mad. I'm in the middle of another ticket with the ISP (Plusnet) but seems its a never ending problem that can't be solved - or isnt the problem of Plusnet more to the point..

The Internet light is either constantly flashing or permanently off. The ASDL light is normally on all the time although can go off. This is the 3rd router i've tried so not sure thats the problem. I have an iPlate fitted, don't use any extension connections etc, have done all the troubleshooting tips the ISP has told me to do but still no success.

I'm loathed to get a BT engineer out to look at the line as its costly and may not even fix the problem.

At my wits end !

Any help appreciated.


A few points i forgot to mention:

1) Using a Belkin G Wireless ADSL Router
2) The problem fixes itself temporarily when i turn the router off and on
3) Problem happens with any computer / laptop in the house
4) Problem has existed since we moved into our new build house, which makes me wonder if its a line connection problem. ISP state the line appears ok.
5) Router doesn't share power source with anything else although is situated behind the living room TV where there are other devices in use such as TV, Sky box, PS3, Telephone.