I am attemtping to remove AVG in order to install Kapersky. I have removed through the control panel add/remove. Searched and removed all straglers using search on "My Computor" in public, hidden and private folders. But when I go to install it says AVG is still on my PC. Also have rebooted

Any ideas

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Go to Your Local Drive C, go to program files and remove or delete all the AVG Files there.
I think that should help


Have you tried a registry cleaner?
There are several good free ones about.


Unfortunately, at this time Grisoft, the maker of AVG, does not have an uninstall utility for AVG. The recommended procedure is a time consuming one. You must download the latest version of AVG from the website, and then run it.

1) Click on the following link and download AVG to your desktop


2) Double-click on the downloaded file to run it
3) AVG will present you with three options to choose from. Choose the Uninstall option to completely uninstall AVG

Add/Remove Components - choose if you want to add/remove some components or reinstall the entire AVG program
Repair installation - this option repairs or reinstalls missing or damaged components of AVG
Uninstall - this option removes the AVG program from your PC

4) Once the uninstall has completed, restart your computer. You can then proceed to install another antivirus or install AVG again.

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