Dear friends,

My office have 10 computers and one server. We have two laptops. We have shifted our office recently. After that we are having problem in internet.

The problem is, Google related URLs(gmail,google,google maps,..) are working properly. Other websites are not working. I can ping, but hotmail is not even pinging. Also it is not working(except google) in any browser. I have given network connection from modem directly, it is not working(except google). The biggest question here is, I connect my laptop, internet is working fine with all sites. How it is possible?

Few friends told me that computer may affect by viruses or spywares, I have used brand new laptop, it was not worked(except google). I have formatted one computer and connected, it was not worked(except google).

Finally we installed WinProxy software in my laptop, and we used for all other network computers. It is working good.

Please help me to get rid of this issue.

Advance thanks to you friends


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My first thought on this would be that you have a DNS issue. Are they set to automatically detect DNS, or do you use a fixed DNS? Also make sure your browsers are not using a proxy ip.

I am sure, There is no browser has proxy setting. Also ISP provided Fixed DNS. I have tried Google Global DNS too. It is not worked.

Anyway thanks for your reply.

Try to automatically detect DNS and IP setting.

First write down your ISP'S DNS and IP settings before you tick the automatically detect settings, so that you can put it back if auto does not work.

Also, make sure router is set to automatic detect settings.

I tried it with your first point. It was not worked. I have to check with router.

let us know, we will troubleshoot untill we found the solution. A piece of tecnology should not win the human brain.

Yes. We will do it.

ISP technical people helped me to solve the issue. It is TCP setting problem. they asked me to install tcp optimizer, it is tool to set tcp related values. they have asked me to change the MTU value 1454, then it is worked.

you can download network related tools using following link.



Glad it is solved.

Good luck

in my computer was such problem. when i connect the internet after 5 minite disconnect the internet at taht time what to do?

Ping the default gateway; if work correctly, ping the Primary DNS Ip..and update us.

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