I need to add some network switches to our network.

I need
1x 48 port 4x SFP switch in our main comms
4 x 48 port 2x SFP at our 4 cabinets located around the factory.

Each cabinet switch will be connected to the comms room via existing

Fibre Optic links.

Ideally i want the switch to be
-VLAN capable
-POE capable

Cisco switches are most likely too expensive for the job and i'm

concerned i could do better than Netgear ones (reports of failed units and lost Vlan settings)

Can anyone advise on above? either equipment you've had experience of

or switches in that medium small business price range that might be

worth investigating?

any advice would be great thanks..

Juniper is one of the main competitor of cisco right now, in fact in core switch Juniper has wider products.

I suggest take a research on juniper (Juniper Networks).


I concur... been using Cisco gear since 1995 and the past 6 years have gone all Juniper for routing, switching, SSL VPN and WAN compression. Juniper EX-4200 is a nice switch for 1x 48 port 4x SFP switch (for your main comms requirement) and has 8 POE ports.