Hi to all the friends and experts.

I'm using Windows xp service pack 3. I downloaded a high quality software "Windows Anti-virus Mate" which helps detecting unknown viruses and rootkits. I saw a strange thing : spji.sys.

1- This spji.sys changes its last two letters on every reboot.
2- There is No file called spji.sys in anyplace of the hard drive.
3- This sys thing was reported to be on lots of computers but only some advanced software like ""Windows Anti-virus Mate" is able to see it.

So what is this spji.sys?
Is this a normal service driver of microsoft ?
Why is the last two letters keep changing randomly on every reboot?

My system was tested throughly with avira, esset and a-squared anti malware throughly and seem to be clean.

Screenshot of spji.sys detection:

To download and try "Windows Anti-virus" mate whic was marked %100 clean by softpedia:

Thanks to every person who will try to help.

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**Topic Update**

Now with some hard work, it has been determined that those spji.sys (unsigned) kernel-mode drivers are extensions of sptd.sys (scsi pass through) driver.

So is it secure ?

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