Hello ,

My friend got this problem . PC restared 5 times. I'v to tell her how to do it.


technical information:

STOP: 0x00 00 00 D1 (0x00 00 00 00,0x00 00 00 02, 0x00 00 00 00 00,0xEEAC9800
afd.sys - Address EEAC9880 base at EEAB700,DateStamp 41107eb5
Beginning dump of physical memory
Dumping physical memory to disk :42

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Please give the specifications of your computer.

Following details are required:

Operating System
Hard Disk

Do you get this error messege during Windows XP boot up or do you get this messege just when you are working on your computer?

Are you fully up-to-date with your sys?
AFD.SYS was the subject of KB951748 in Aug 2008. It is part of the TCPIP stack, a winsock driver involved in networking.
Current version is 5.1.2600.3394 (xpsp_sp2_qfe.080620-1259).

I got this error after rebuilding a system and it was fully up to date. Windows XP SP3
512 RAM
250GB Hard Drive

Just reboot your computer in safe mode and tell us what happens their?