I'm getting a persistent Blue Screen of Death which seems to kick in after the computer has been left idle for a while and the CPU starts racing and I get a blue screen. It first happened after I was watching a film off a friend's USB stick.

This is the latest I got.

"Windows Shut Down to Prevent Damage etc etc...


page fault in Non-paged area

tech info

STOP: 0X00000050 (0XF1000009, 0X000000000, 0XB9D6AE16, 0X000000002)

Ntfs.sys - Address BD96AE16 BASE AT B9D46000, DATESTAMP 48025BE5

Beginning dump of physical memory"

I'm runniing windows xp home edition 2002 version service pack 3

Any help much appreciated

Thank you


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This would be a good first stem to try. Sometimes, some of the windows protected files can be lost or changed. To detect any problems run the program “System File Checker” (SFC). Before you run it you should purge your PC’s cache:-

Go to “START”
Click “RUN”
Type or “copy and paste”.. sfc.exe /purgecache

Note:- the space after “exe”.

The “purgecache” in this command will empty the cache before you run the file checker. You should always purge the cache before scanning with the System File Checker (SFC). That way, you can be sure that system files are copied from your Windows installation media, and are not infected with malware or corrupted. After the cache has been purged, run System File Checker.

Go to “START”
Click “RUN”
Type or “copy and paste”… sfc.exe /scannow

Note:- the space after “exe”. You may be required to use your installation disk.

This could take a long time to complete, when finished, reboot and see if the problem still exists.

hi thanks

How do I purge my PCs cache?

apologies for putting this in the wrong section previously


oops sorry, just realised that was indeed your first instruction....

ok, so i've done the first bit, but after rooting high and low can't find the XP installation disc. Is there any other way of doing it?


Did it ask for the disk? I said you may be asked for it. If you have not tried, give it a go. If you are asked for the disc just cancel and we will try something else. Although most things will require your disc. In this case it could be anybodies Home XP disc but for other processes it will have to be your disc.


yes, it asked for my disc. And i've looked everywhere for it i'm afraid to say.


It is possible to make a new boot disk to repair your windows, you must have a i386 Directory (Folder) on your Hard Disk
This is essential. Without this, the procedure will not work. To find out whether you can re-create your bootable Windows XP setup disk, look for into your system drive (usually the C: drive), and see if you can find a folder named I386 in the root directory. That is, use the search function on your PC and see if you have the C:\I386 folder on a hard disk.
If your PC or laptop came from the major PC vendors like HP, Dell or Acer, chances are that there is an I386 folder at the root of drive C:, unless you've deleted it.
Note that only c:\i386 contains the files needed for this operation. Do not use the files in "C:\Windows\Driver Cache\i386" or any other folders. If you do not have it on your PC but can borrow a disk with it on you will still be OK.
If you do have this folder on your PC or borrowed, go to this site and see if you can make a new boot disk.

Follow the instructions there and if you are lucky, you will be able to make a new disk

Yeah, thanks - after running an anti-virus I saw the i386 folder come up but I'll double check.

Ok thanks again and I'll get back to you



ok, little worried as the link you posted is asking me to save all device drivers because it will eventually be wiping the existing platform and reinstalling XP from the boot up disc I create -

If i do this what other information on my hard drive such as passwords, settings, etc will be lost? What about my files, software settings etc? Do I need to back them up as well?


Do not worry, if you can make a disc we will only use it to repair windows and the only thing you will lose will be all the updates you have installed from windows. none of your data will be lost. OK!!

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