I'm having grief and, given my parlous dns skills, I'm assuming that DNS is the issue.
I have 3 2003 R2 servers all dcs, dhcp and dns servers. The PDC is SBS the other 2 are enterprise. All have 2 NICs one for lan the other wan. The subnets are 192.168.0/.4/.5 and all are configured for remote access. I have persistent demand connections dial set up on each.
My problem is that whilst the servers can map drives on the other subnets their clients can't. For some reason yesterday one client was resolving the remote server by it's wan address rather than it's lan address and I mapped the drive successfully. Now if I ping the remote server by hostname it resolves to the internal address of the server again and the client can't connect.
I'm sure that it's something very simple but being very dumb it is eluding me at the moment!!
p.s. when I ping the remote server from the client it resolves the lan address and times out. I connected via vpn from the client and I was able to connect to the network drive but it resolved the wan ip address and got replies when pinged.

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Which is best network system. There are three main system or branches such as lan, wan, man. Which is secure system.

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