I wanna help to better know abt XOT n FTAM and interelation.

I am have Network card with X.25 support(i.e. it sends data in terms of X.25 frames), and I ve implement FTAM protocol suite.

M provided with the API's for X.25 interface, so I need not to worry abt the layer below network, but what abt the upper layers.

Can any one suggest by this much information what I need to do now, Should I need to consider FTAM(Application Layer) and prepare Interface for that much only or I also need to consider intermediat layers.

If any one clear with my problem then plz do reply me its urgent for me.


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I will help with what I can. X.25 is the old network that has been replaced by Frame Relay in recent decades. Cisco has info at these sites:





and you can look around ietf.org for old RFC info like this


I have no idea why anyone would need to know any of this anymore but enjoy!

Ok now let me clearify in detail,

actually why I m supposed to use X.25 is that because the the card is going to be placed at the Telecom Switches which works on TDM technology, and X.25 too works on the same.

now I really wanna know that whether I should have to prepare all the layer from no.4 to no.7(i.e Transport,Session,Presentation and Application) as FTAM works at Appn layer n I ve support for first 3 layers (1-3).

there is ISO 8571 is the standard for FTAM implementation, but that is to be purchased so I right now wanna know in advance, prior to purchase to what actually I need to implement.


I am sorry to say this is outside of what I do day to day, perhaps it is someone elses bread and butter. I do not have an easy answer for you but I may be able to help you find your answer if you want to work through it. I think the answer will be how the data is created and how it is encapsulated.

Are you working on directly linking to a nortel DMS switch without using a IP gateway? Perhaps you could offer some info about the use of this system since I not so good with X.25 lingo?

Is this card going into a phone switch at your prem? Unix server? what needs to talk "native" X.25?

This shows a few different ways of moving X.25 traffic, which one are you shooting for? http://www.advancedrelay.com/html/pxs/x25tcpip.html


XOT in simple terms is X25 Packet Layer running over a TCP connection instead of the traditional LAP-B link layer. This enables one to take advantage of IP infrastructure to transport X25 based data and eliminate the need for X25 network/infrastructure.

X25 implements the lower 3 layers of the OSI 7 layer model. For FTAM you will need ISO Transport Layer, Session, Presentation and Application Layers. FTAM is a file transfer protocol like FTP in the OSI world.

FTAM over X25 networks is a popular option for Network Mgt. data transfer in telecom networks.

Packetware, Inc., www.packetware.com provides complete support for the above technologies.

Feel free to send me emails for any further clarifications.



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