I want to learn basic computer networking, any help appreciated. Thanks!

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try to google basic computer networking and you'll find many useful tutorials..

Hey there ,

i can just help u out ?

Networking is just a silly topic !


For more information just check it out @ http://vipsha.com

want to know more about troubleshooting the net


In Simple way i can tell you something about Networking If one is thorugh enough in OSI layer concept the whole Networking lies on OSI layer concept which contains 7 layers on Source Side and 7 Layers on Destination Side.OSI stands for Open Systems InterNetworking.The 7 layers in OSI layer concept are as below :

1)Presentation Layer
2)DataLink Layer
3)Network Layer
4)Transport Layer
5)Session Layer
6)Physical Layer
7)Application Layer.

If you are through in all these 7 Layers then you can say you know Networking concept.Each and Every Layer provides you a brief description of Layer how it works and how it is presented in real time scenario.

I think before learning computer networking you have to learn about networking devices like router, bridges, network racks and how to use this devices & how to do basic cabling, once you will get the knowledge about networking devices & uses you can easily learn computer networking.

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