hey everyone,
i'm wondering if someone knows of any issues with wireless connections through a vpn to a terminal server. we have a couple of people who work from home on a wireless network and whenever they log into our terminal server, after maybe 20min or so, they get disconnected for no reason and its an ongoing cycle.

we have a win2000 server running terminal server 2000 and about 25-30 people who have access to it but usually less then 15 on at a time. so far 2 people i know of are using a wireless connection at home keep getting booted. i had one of them try to install the software on another machine at home that was wired and they said it worked great, werent kicked off once.

dial-up (even though EXTREMELY slow) seems to work fine for people logging in so i wouldnt think it was a bandwidth issue.....

anyone have any ideas of why wireless would be dropping the connection? and one thing though is when the connection to terminal server is dropped, internet still works (as i've been told). any help would be appreciated, thanks! if you need any more info, let me know.

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When I have this problem it is because one area of my house has poor wireless coverage, if I move closer to my AP I can stay VPN'd and RDP'd all day long just fine.

I would focus on the wireless logs of the users having trouble, see if they are staying associated to the correct AP and what their drop rate is on their packets.

thanks for the advice! we're testing it out in the next couple days so i'll let you know if that works. i never thought about bad areas in the house but that makes a lot of sense. if it continues to happen, i'll have her tell me what the logs look like. thanks again!

Was there any resolution to this issue ?
We are having the same problems with VPN terminal server connections dropping after 20-30 minutes for no apparent reason.
Proximity to the AP is not relevant in this case as all the users are using high gain antennae and signal strength is never a problem.
Home users are using different makes of routers - belkin, linksys
Some problems were resolved by forwarding port 1723 on the router to the laptop (as we're using PPTP)
any other ideas ?

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