Hi there i was wondering if any one can tell me if it is possible to get wireless internet without using a wireless router but instead somehow using a home phone number. Is there a ISP that offers an option to do this?

The first thing needed is the computer must have wireless capability, whether it is a desktop or portable computer. The next thing is to find a wireless access point within range. There are publicly available wireless networks; some are free, others require a payment.

If there are no networks near you, and you want to install a wireless access point in your home, there are several options. The two most common are to get a DSL connection from the phone company, or get access from a cable company. Then you would need a wireless access point/router.

For the fastest wireless speed, you need to get the new 'n' equipment.

An easy way to see if there are wireless access points near you, download WEFI at wefi.com. It is free, and will show any wireless access point in range.

If there are wireless access points available, whether they are locked or open, you can talk with the owner to see if you can use there connection.

If there are none, you could get the equipment, then, if anyone in the neighborhood needs access, you could sell access to them.


Thanks for sharing Information about Using Phone no in the wireless internet.