Hello all.

I am having a very interesting problem and I really need your ideas.

I am running a small network at my home. The server is Windows 2003 and it is my DNS server.

I have 4 workstations (all xp pro) connected via cat5 cable and they have no problem at all accessing the net or the lan.

However, I have a sager laptop running xp pro connected vi Linksys WAP (wap54a) and a linksys dual-band wireless A + G card.

On the laptop my signal strength is excellent and I can access the net just fine, however my lan access in unbearably slow.

My network protocols installed on the laptop are tcp/ip and aegis v2.3.1.9

I do not have WINS setup on the server or the laptop.

I also have client for microsoft networks, deterministic network enhancer, QoS packet scheduler, and file and printer sharing for microsoft networks installed.

My tcp/ip settings are static IP (not dhcp assigned) and all workstations including the laptop are members of the domain controlled by the 2003 server.

When I access the net I can download files at 150kbps (my internet connection is 1536/384l), however when accessing files on the server it takes minutes to copy files 2 & 3 meg in size and frequently times out. I can't even play mp3s across the lan on my laptop (but I do not have either issue with the workstations).

I tried an interesting experiment today. I opened windows explorer, navigated to the fileshare on the server. As usual it takes minutes to display the contents, and I copied a 3 meg file to the server. At the same time I opened internet explorer and pluged in the ip of the server and path to the file share. The contents were displayed much more quickly and when I copied the same file it only took about 12 seconds.

Why is my LAN so much slower on my laptop?

I really appreciate any thoughts or help you have on this!

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I'm getting a similar problem to this, however mine is a wireless network where all pcs are wireless apart from the server.

All pcs are painfully slow apart from a laptop which is fine. All seems to go wrong when the latest updates are installed on the server.

Not sure if this will help but I'm running a network with three pc's wired up to a hub which connects to the routher and one wireless laptop which connects directly (wirelessly) to the router. I was getting hopelessly intermittent connection speeds with the laptop only. The signal was always either very good or excellent but trying to access a webserver on the wired lan was constantly timing out and I couldn't connect to the workgroup at all (though the internet connection from the laptop was more often than not fine). I googled and googled but couldn't find any resolution. I ended up changing the wireless channel on the router and changing the signal type from B&G to G only. Now works like a charm. Not sure if this will help or if it will be something you haven't already tried, but could be worth a look.

Have you tried changing the channel that the wireless is on? Often slow speeds are down to channels conflicting between neighbouring networks. As dalefish said, they had success changing the channel. It may also work for you sifuhall & anubi.

This was posted 2 1/2 years ago, I don't think the original poster will reply.

lol so it was, that just shows how observant i am :D

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