Hola, im having hella problem with my connection...
my cable comany is "millenium Digital Media"
problem is, i lose connection to the net often, sometimes a few times in less then 2 hours, sometimes a few times in 8 hours, its random..
i'm usually using a router "linksys wrt54g" my modem is an aeris modem, when my connection is on and working, im usually on a game "ultima online" and using "ventrilo" i'll be ok one minute, and ping outragious the next minute, but when i run ping tests and bandwidth tests all over places everythings ok.
i've tried, straight hooking modem up to 3 pc's all have the same issue, i've replaced all the cables, i've replaced all the eth and wireless cards, i've replaced the modem 4 times, 2 diff kind of modems, replaced router 4 times, my isp argues with me, that everything checks out every single minute they ping my modem.
if i run a p2p program such as limewire, i can download really good, but it bogs everything else to a stand still "normally it should not do that"
i've had tech guy out here 6 times, and everytime its "everything checks out fine, im completely stumped on what could be the problem"
i've used different outlets in my house for power, i've reformatted all the pc's, to see if its hardware or software failure etc. i've turned my connection into a static ip, and port forwarded alot of stuff...
im literally at my wits end on this...
i've been reading boards for almost a month, trying all kinds of things i see suggested, non seem to work at all...
plz.... anyone with best suggestions, i need help :/

It looks like you've tried everything - but almost in a shot-gun manner.

What I would suggest is to go back to square one.

Is the problem consistant no matter what you are doing, or only when you are doing certain actions?

For example, does it only disconnect when playing a certain game, running a certain program, etc?

Let's remove the variables, one by one, until we find the root problem.

Good Luck!


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