I have 2 PCs.
1 is win98SE, the other is Win2k professional.
The win2k PC has 2 NICs. One is connected to a ADSL modem. The other is connected to the win98 PC.
The win2k PC connects to the internet OK (everything works on that side)
My problem is I want the win98 PC to connect to the internet via the win2k PC.
Regarding the win98 PC, I logon using "Client for Microsoft Networks"
It has only TCP/IP installed.
I can ping the win2k NIC that it is connected to but it cannot ping the NIC connected to the ADSl modem.
I can see the win2K PC in network neighbourhood and access shared folders.
How do I route the packets from the win98 PC to the ADSL modem?

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Your best bet would be to spend the 60 bucks and get yourself a broadband gateway. The Linksys WRT54G is a fantastic product, would do what you need it to, and would give you the benefit of a real firewall. On top of that, you'd have wireless capabilities for the future.

Windows 2000 Pro does not have routing capabilities via Internet Connection Sharing or RRAS, you would need Windows 2000 server to do that.



Here we go again...

A lot of people have tried to do this, so here is a link to read through:

A connection like this usually takes a crossover cable to establish a network - without a network you won´t get communications. Having said that, it depends on your equipment. This is the complicated way to make this work. Also, you are using two different O/Ss, which make things more challenging...

Routers are cheap and provide another level of security. Highly recommended and easy to set up. :mrgreen:

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