This has been a continual problem that I have had for a while now. Sometimes there is no problem at all, sometimes there is. I have searched the net a lot to try and find any similar problems- but haven't found any.

I am using Vista Home Basic. Wireless connection to my sisters Billion BiPAC 7404VGP Router. I state this because it may not be feasible for me to replace.

The random problem (as best as I can explain it)

Lets say I turn my PC on. The PC doesn't connect to the internet. The Network status in the task bar says "identifying... Can't Connect", "connected (local connection)" "can't connect".- These may not be the exact messages but either way the PC wont connect to the internet


Lets say I go and get my brothers laptop (also wireless) and turn it on. The very instant (exactly) the laptop connects to the internet my PC miraculously also gains full internet connection. The same occurrence happens if I turn my PS3 on- as soon as it connects my PC also does.

Months ago I fixed this problem by giving my PC an address which was outside of My routers DHCP range So I gave my PC .20 and from then on it was okay.
However now, because of the reasons described below in my new problem I cant use this fix that used to work for me.

New problems

When searching the net someone recommended to someone else that they run a command- from memory I think it contained the word netsh. Well anyway after running this- My PC's TCP/IP settings are not being remembered upon reboot. So every time I reboot I have been adding in an IP address that I want.

So now when I do ipconfig /all
The command shows that I have many preferred IPv4 addresses.

Re: Strange Networking problem 80 80

Okay, I figured out the exact command I wrote in cmd.

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt


netsh winsock reset catalog

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