Greetings, first time post here.

I have not been able to access my Hotmail acct for a couple of days now. I can access it through Windows Live ID but the steps getting there are bothersome. I used to be able to click on my taskbar icon and go straight there. Now it is a royal pain just to access my mail.

Running Windows XP here.

I am a home user connected to a router in which I have turned off and back on as well as my modem. Same with the computer. I shelled out to the command prompt and flushed the dns.

My laptop (Vista) is experiencing the same problem. Any suggestions? Sure would appreciate it.

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Are you sure the button on your taskbar is not pointed the wrong site? Also can you navigate to the site manually by typing in http://www.hotmail.com/ ? What happens when you try to navigate to the site?

Well..... I have been using the icon for some time and all was well. Also if I chose to access hotmail from my favorites menu that was fine until this problem. But to answer your question, yes I am able to navigate to it. Thank you for such a simple thought. Duh....

I think I will set a new bookmark for it once there and drag the new bookmark icon to the tray and see if this will work. Maybe the taskbar just wanted a freshing up???

Just curious. Why this problem in the first place?

So kind to reply and thank you so very much....


Went to my email, marked it in my favorites, that works. Pulled the icon into my taskbar, that works. Thank you again, soo much....

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