I m facing a huge problem regarding connection between two switches. I m crimping LAN wire CAT-5e of 5 to 10 meter and it is working very smoothly, but if i tried to Crimp a LAN wire having length>10 meter, It is unable to establish steady connection.
please help me out..!!!

You have a wire tester to test the cable after you make it? Ethernet has a limit of 100m so you're not breaking that

Thanks dude,,, But currently i dnt have Tester type of thing.. so Any desi Jugaad to sort out my problem.

well if you're using the same devices to test the different cables, then your crimping isnt being done properly. It is best to have a tester to see if a wire comes up short, as thats all it takes. Check each end of the cable, see that each wire is contacting in the metal in the RJ45. You can also see a good physical layer connection is if there are green lights on the network ports of your devices.

I got solution... with lots of Net tutorials...
anywzzzz Thanks for ur support...