Hello I have a 384Kb/s Point-to-Point wireless connection at my local ISP,
Where I have had nothing but problems with connection, after a lot of email and phone calls I finally got it fixed, to a point. So here is my question:
When they sent out the guy to fix the connection, they took the internal network card, running at 100mb/s down to 10mb/s saying that it effected connection with their server and that there server could not connect properly with their crap 384/kb/s Internet speed, and I want to know if this is true. Cause the only problem I have now the download speed of files iI need to do work with now I have a download speed of 3 -10 kb/s where as before it was 44 kb/s.
So can a network Card running at 100 mb/s interfere with a 384kb/s Internet speed of my ISP? and will that same network card set to run at 10 m/b/s be better?, because it sounds to me like it was a load of hooey.
Also this same expert kept referring to the 100 mb/s and 10 mb/s as the memory of the network card. yes he was a real dope and didn't have a clue

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Sounds like the kind of technician who fixes things by throwing away noisy parts. (also usually has a hammer somewhere in his car)

The packets and speed rate selections are (meaning should be) set to automatic and faster equipment will always slow down (at least more often than slow equipment will speed up).
Also, Online (router/modem) speeds have nothing to do with LAN speeds, i.e. different software and hardware. Like MPH on planes and Automobiles, different range and (better be) different paths.


100 or 10 doesn' matter if what you have is 0.3. anyhow the techie must have switched you to a non duplex mode, which might be more compatible with the ISP's hardware and protocols. try to connect to another ISP with the same settings, and see if there's a difference

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