I would like to write code for an application which receives a text message, processes it, sends group messages. The idea resembles the functioning of ways2sms, indyarocks, youmint etc.

I'm doing a project. I want to include this feature in my application program. The application program should receive a text message sent from any mobile. The program should process data. It'll have a group list for which a message has to be sent. I want to build this application. I don't know how to proceed. I don't know what are the things involved after a user sends a message, like which protocol is used for transmission, where the data goes, how does it reach server, etc. I really need a clean and clear picture of how to achieve this. Please help. Thanks a ton.

okay,ever heard of multix-TPM switch?its an open source project intended to allow one to receive a signal and send bulk sms to people registered in your domain...you can find the project at sourceforge!hope it helps....for guide lines contact me at amkosgey@ymail.com on how to programm the switch!cheers