i have 2 pc's running off my router and the main pc keeps dropping its connection now an again (every few hours)
is there any way of resolving this please

windows xp pro
router: sagem (sky broadband)

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assuming this is a wireless connection it drops?

possible try updating the driver, and make sure nothing is taking over cpu and network usage at those times


Does it drop connection while being actively used? Or does it lose connection when going into idle (power saving optoins?)

Does it require a restart afterwards? I have a pc which can be overloaded with network activity and effectively disable the onboard NIC (awesome...). The only solution I have found is a reboot (seems related to high incoming UDP traffic)

Does the main pc have a firewall? I have had a few firewall products enact flood protection and effectively block all traffic from the router.

The only other ideas I have are to try another network card (NIC) and see if the same problems occur.

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