First of all, I live in the sticks, near the coast of NC. My parents live directly across the road from me, I would say maybe 50 yards or so distance from their house over to mine. They have internet via satelite through directv or hughes. I am wanting to send their signal over to my house without any lags or waiting time. What is the best solution for my problem? There are no trees blocking the way. I know I'll need a router, but which one? Could someone help? Thanks

Buy a linksys wireless router.

You need a router with replaceable antennae.

You MIGHT face the problem of weak wireless signal across 50 yards (you might not).

So the important thing, IMO, is to buy a wireless router that allows you to unscrew the antennae and replace then with larger high gain antennae should have the described problem.

Draytek is such a router; but I know Netgear and Belkin atre not; and I don't think Linksys antennae are replaceable either.

If you go Draytek, you can order the high gain antennae for a few squids (bucks) at the same time.

a router, or even better - two access points with directional antennas in bridge mode

a router, or even better - two access points with directional antennas in bridge mode


Well you can get away with it if you get a router that is capable with 802.11n and you should get a good connection try it but you will have to get new network adapters support that router. go with d-link

What are you all going on about?

Keep it simple stupid. Damajo simply wants to make sure that the router in his house can be effectively accessed from 50 yards and a wall or two away.

All this 803.11n (especially if you don't explain why 802.11n is so important) and directional antennae (which will be absolutely useless if the cat jumps on them) are a distraction.

A router with high gain antennae will do the job (with security set, of course). Like Draytek, D-link routers have detatchable / replaceable antennae; so that at least widens your router choice.

there are solutions that work, and there are solutions that work well. everything depends on the budget.

Bad Idea.

Well i got a detachible antenna with a lead on it so i could move my antenna to get a better connection there only £5.00 or summat in the U.K if your in the USA look on the internet

some linksyses do have replaceable antennas

wifi range is about 100 - 150ft usually - i think 50 yards might be too long.

...wifi range is about 100 - 150ft usually - i think 50 yards might be too long.

D-Link Air Plus G spec states:
Wireless Operating Range2
• Indoors - up to 328 ft. (100 meters)
• Outdoors- up to 1312 ft. (400 meters)

So a router of this power set at window height on the right side of the parents' house 50 yds (150 ft) away is likely to be received by damajo if similar care is taken at dmajo's end. Especially with high gain antennae.

wow thats a powerful router

The Air Plus G is a great router my boss has got it and it has outstanding performance

ive got a linksys compact one (WRT54GC?) it has no ariel but has a slot for adding one

What do you mean by a compact one and do they have routers that function without an antenna? or is that a ting you have to purchase

its built in so the router is really small. Its like the size of a floppy disk and about half an inch thick - 4 port hub too. It has a slot for adding an external ariel if you want greater range

you should get summat like that then that will be your best hope

with a extender