Hi everyone.. am looking a for an individual project in artificial intelligence..i have no idea in choosing my topic. so far i have learned logic programming, data mining, intelligence agent, fuzzy logic and neural network.. besides taking other AI subjects eg. image proccessing next semester while am doing my final project.. can anyone please suggest me project ideas based on current technology needs.. 10q Reply me asap..!!!

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Almost positive ddanbe is being facetious...create an agent that spawns ideas when you can't think of any ideas yourself. I see the humor..

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Nice observation :)

Well one of the most common problem to attempt for projects like this is making a game playing agent. If you don't have a lot of time, see if you can solve something small, like tic-tac-toe. Take a look at the minimax algorithm, it's very useful for game playing agents. If you have more time, you can try solving a harder game like chess. But for chess you need to use a heuristic (I can explain heuristics if you haven't done them)

If you come up with any interesting ideas keep in touch. I'd be glad to help all I can :)

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10x ryketech n swinefish for ur ideas.. swine i have done tic-tac-toe game for my prolog mini project... n i have choosen "timetabling using graph coloring approach" for university examination scheduling as my final year pjt.. n decide to use excelVBA to develop the system.. but i stil dnt get t clear idea on t system ( interface design vise) plz help me on this..

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Since you mention you are interested in AI, I have some projects ideas in music processing. For starters, you take a MP3/WAV file, and try to classify it into what genre it falls under (like ROCK/POP/JAZZ etc). This application can be extended at a later point to add many more features into it. Can be done using Java, Matlab etc. You can contact me at denverprojects at gmail DOT com
I can provide more information.

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