I have attached a LAN consulting plan for an assignment. The assignment is finished I was just wondering if I could possibly get a little feedback on the given information thank you!

Slide 3
The company will be connected to the internet through a primary firewall.
The switched will be connected for incoming and outgoing information.
Each floor will have it’s own 48 connector switch.
The server will be located on the third floor.
All the employee computers will be connected through the switches to the server and the firewall.
Slide 4
The logical topology for the network would be a star topology setup.
This topology works best because everything is run through the switches and able to access the information on the server.
The computers do not need to be connected directly to each other so a star topology would be the most efficient for this network setup.
Star topology will allow for the smoothest flow of information.
Slide 5
Each employee will have an individual login and password for allow for executives to monitor their login and usage, and to set any necessary restrictions based on their place in the company.
Clerks will be able to access the database information but for read-only access they will not be able to edit any of the entered information in the database.
Slide 9
Windows Server 2008 provides Active Directory.
Active Directory will be used to monitor and control the different levels of access to the network.
Windows 7 Professional and Server 2008 will allow for ease of access to applications and databases.
Office 2007 should also be included.
Symantec will help to prevent network attacks and viruses.
Slide 10
The server will have it’s own battery backup in case of a power outage so that all primary data and applications can be stored and saved in the event of an outage.
There will also be a generator to allow for time to save and store information currently being worked on in the event of an outage.
All data will be backed up to external hard drives on a weekly basis keeping them updated regularly will help to eliminate any loss of information in the event the server is lost or damaged.
A RAID level 1 system will be used for storing applications and data. A RAID system will help to maintain operations in the case of an outage. Downtime can be very costly to any company being able to minimize or possibly eliminate downtime is best for the company.

I realized it didn't have my slide notes on the PDF so here they are thanks again!!

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