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Are you sure you want to Reformat your computer? it should only be done as a last resort, and is often done unnecessarily.

What OS are you currently using?



To Format your PC take a bootable disk for ex.Floppy and insert it is floppy drive and restart your system goto bios settings by pressing either f12 or Delete key on keyboard and change the boot sequence to primarily boot with Flopy drive and save changes by pressing f10 .when the system boots with floppy drive it is will goto a path and stand still now typein as below :

A:>/ FDISK and press Enter and do format your drive and instal new OS .FDISK is the command to Format your hdd.


there are several methods are there to reformat the hard disk .
but systems now a day does require to format using the external software, you can just use the recovery disk provided by the original equipment manufacturer .

that makes the job simple


There are lots of tutorial inside the net. Try to google it. The tutorials are easy to follow.

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