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I have just joined this forum. I am working in an organization that has LAN connectivity for about 800 computers. Now what I wanted to know was that is there any way/software that gives me an instant notification (the IP address of the computer) the moment anyone connects/pings/tries to connect to my PC.

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You have a Command netstat to know the computer that have Established the TCP and UDP connection with your PC,

Ping command -->> Just check weather ur system is Alive in the network..and reachable or not..!

To know "ping and arp message " its Better you start analyzing the Traffic using wire-shark/ethereal/Tcpdump..

Then u can filter the traffic which is towards your PC/IP...!


Sheltan T T


you may write a bat script to run say like every 10 mins to check whichever ip machine is connected to your machine.... wireshark will tell you if anyone tries to ping you.. you'll see some ICMP packets flowing around when someone is pinging you.

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