Hello, I have four computers in my household, and I have a wireless router, that's secured. I want to limit the bandwidth of a certain computer. How do I do this without touching the actual computer? Is there any programs? My router is netgear, and I'm running Windows XP Pro.

The reason is I let a tenant live upstairs but he's hogging all the bandwidth, I can't rudely cut off his internet connection or ask him to stop using it since his job depends on uploading files each night.

Thanks in advance for the help.

wht you need is a router with a QoS module, or a firewall/gateway with such a module.

My NetGear WGT624v3 doesn't have a "QoS module" option, and neither does my firewall. Do you have any suggestions?

you could re-flash your router to be a little more feature filled using something like dd-wrt.

or you could buy a better on. Software is not really an option in this case, but maybe a proxy server...


Have you spoken to him and asked him to delay the upload until after midnight ?

Maybe he does not realise the hassle he is causing.