Hi, !!
I have installed a new comment platform Intense Debate in one of my blog and I don't really understand why people are not using platform for comment in my blog.
However I'm still able to switch comment to the Wordpress platform(Comment Luv) so every time I need to switch in order to moderate the comments.
Is there is something I'm missing in order for commenter start using the new platform?

Also I have seen an increase in the spam comment looks like a software because they are jus a lot of crap but with link that do not take you anywhere although I have try everything to stop them I have fail.

What I have done wrong?
Am I missing some additional step in order for ID to work ?
How can I have more control over the spam comment beside Askimet and ID?

Thanks in advance for your help

Re: Receiving a lot of spam comment. 80 80

How can I have more control over the spam comment beside Askimet and ID?

Aksimed should be able to catch most of the spam comments. Have you tried a capcha at your comments? Capcha will discourage most robots from entering spam comments.

Re: Receiving a lot of spam comment. 80 80

Hi, Kraai!!
Thanks for answer.
Yeah I have tried but every time I active the pluging my visitor traffic decrease dramatically. I'm in Alexa ranking 500,000 and I wish to reach the 100,000 limit.
Do you think is worthy to deal with the issue manually until I reach my goal?
Thanks in advance..

Re: Receiving a lot of spam comment. 80 80

I admin-manage an online-newspaper and use Askimet to catch most of the spam. As for all other legit comments, it is set to land in a moderation que, and from there I only allow the ones I want to approve. Once approved, the same user can then comment without having to wait for the comment to get approved, when they comment a second time, and have at least one previous comment approved.

Above works well for me, and the comments are also set, that if it is legit, but contains a link, it will also land in the moderation que, from where I can decide to allow the link or not.

Do you say that you get less visitors when Aksimet is activated, or when you use a capcha?

Re: Receiving a lot of spam comment. 80 80

Hi, Kraai!!

Sorry to answer you back so late.
Merry Christmas and happy new year.
I have solved part of the problem consulting my hosting account support hostgator.
The have an IP block system but you have to work a little.

However I would like to ask you is it beneficial having a lot of comments from the same website with a great ranking in alexa(400,00) but different ip address and different email address?

Re: Receiving a lot of spam comment. 80 80

Thanks, and have a wounderfull 2011.

Inbound links, from high ranking sites are very good for your site. Outbound links, such as links in comments, to any site is not always a good thing. Many outbound links to the same site, is never a good thing. Make sure you do not approve spam comments. These are comments not related to your blog post with a link to a site in the posters name, or in the content of the comment.

Even here on Daniweb, you will see from time to time forum posts not related to anything with link/s inside the post, or links in the poster signature, to the spam site. They get removed by the moderator, as soon as it is found.

The golden rule to good ranking, is to do relevant quality posts on your blog, with unique content that is related to your key words, without spamming your own key words, and accept good inbound quality links, and make sure most or all of your outbound links are "no-follow" links.

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