This one has me stumped I've installed plenty of windows servers with active directory. I have one client new dell windows 2008 server(active directory, dns, and dhcp server) with xp workstations. I have the server configured at static ip Fios router is at I have the workstations configured for dns then the fios public dns 74.200.something that comes from the server's dhcp.

The workstations loose dns connection to the server I remoted into a workstation and I could not ping the server's dns name server(start cmd -> ping server). I did ipconfig /flushdns and /registerdns then the workstation started seeing the server again(start -> run ->cmd ping server) server responded with This happens on 2 workstations after every reboot. Any ideas why dns goes away? The server is also the dhcp server i have the same dns's setup under options, all the clients get the settings from the server. I've even unjoined and re-joined the workstations

Think I found my problem there is a machine on the network with a static ip set the same as the server

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