I have an SRW2024 10/100/1000 switch in my office, but I can't access it using wired Ethernet from my laptop. I just can't see the LED blinking on my NIC.
Knowing that the NIC is functioning good, I can connect to other networks via cable, but not to this one.
I tried many ports, but still I cannot connect. When I directly connected the laptop to the switch, I noticed that the port LED blinks for a second, and the stops for like 3 seconds, blinks again, and so on...

Any suggestions?


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..hi there!..did you try to use the SRW2024 switch to other computer?..is the adapter of the switch is good?,maybe there is a short circuit around the adapter wires..try to check it..if the issue still continues, i think your switch is damaged and need to replace by a new one..i hope it helps!..^_^..

This is no the case. The switch is brand new, the adapter is functioning well and the port is working on other computers.

..is the cable correct?..did you check if the cable has correctly crimp?..the cable color arrangements?..did you use a straight-through cable?..give a post..^_^..

May be some sort of port security is enabled on the switch. you can check it by accessing configuration of the switch. In that case there should be web-management configuration or using the console port of the switch. Let me know if you need help in configuring through the console port.

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